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Low Voltage Lighting Repair

Naples Landscape Lighting can help with lighting repair services
Florida weather can damage connections and transformer.
Our landscape lighting repair service includes a full inspection of all lighting transformers, and power supply that most often occurs after a storm.

Lawn Maintenance work can knock lights from their original position.
Our landscape lighting repair service includes a walk and inspection of all low voltage lighting units. In some cases we can repair the light on the spot or if needed we will recommend replacement of a light if there is no alternative to repair.

New growth will bury light fixtures while roots can cause lights to be moved from the desired location.
This happens often. Especially with vacant homes or homes that do not have regular lawn services. Our Landscape lighting team will identify all installed landscape lights in some of the most difficult overgrown areas.

New landscaping could require a new design.
This is very important. With homes or properties undergoing renovations, new driveways or other exterior renovations it is important to consider the integrity of the landscape lighting system. We will use any quality component which exists and replace, upgrade, or redesign the lighting to ensure your home is well lit and your landscape showcased to the fullest.

After years of experience, we have an answer to all these situations and more.

We will work with you to arrive at a plan to bring out the best in your landscape lighting.

As always we do this from our client’s perspective, within your budget while providing the look your home deserves.

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